‘Into the Sun’ is an online resource for Side B Christians who identify as LGBTQI and/or experience same-sex attraction. Click here to see the Facebook page.

What is a Side B Christian?

“Celibate LGBTQ Christian bloggers often refer to themselves in shorthand as “Side B” Christians. The terms Side A, for those who support marriage equality and believe that gay sex is not necessarily immoral, and Side B, for those who believe that homosexual sex is sinful and/or prohibited by the Bible, originated with a now-defunct website called Bridges Across the Divide and was created to foster respectful communication between people on opposite sides of the gay rights debate.

Side B gay Christians are, by definition, committed to remaining celibate, while those on Side A can date and marry. LGBTQ people on Side A also tend to fit reasonably well inside the secular LGBTQ community. B Siders, on the other hand, can be a pretty isolated lot—while they may have friends who are secular and devout, gay, straight, and bi, they remain on the fringes in both the Christian and the LGBTQ world.”

Source: Thou Shalt Not Forsake Thy Celibate Christian LGBTQ Brethren

I want to share about the unique issues facing Side B Christians, who are one of the most marginalised minorities in the contemporary church. Some of you may identify as LGBTQ, and others may have only ever experienced SSA once or twice in their life. People with SSA come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and have widely varied experiences. While there are some features in common for our struggles, there are also many differences. Each person is unique, so I don’t want to stereotype or put people in a box.

I want to pass on resources, experiences, advice, tips and inspiration that have helped me on my personal journey of being a Side B believer. I am on a journey of healing – but healing isn’t necessarily about being free from SSA. It’s about becoming whole and restored, free from shame and growing closer to Christ – regardless of whether you continue to experience SSA or not!

The name of this blog was inspired by the song ‘Shadowlands’ by Rebecca St James:

You promised me
That You’d never leave
Or let me go
You promised me
That You’d love me through
The highs and lows

You promised me
You won’t give me more
Than I can bear
You promised me
That when I cry out
That You’d be there

The shadowlands are what I know
So I’m hanging on to Your every word
The shadowlands surround me now
But You walk with me through the cloud
Into the sun
Into the sun

You promised me
If I sow in tears
I’ll reap in joy
You promised me
That You will breathe life
Into my soul

I know it’s true
All that You say
I believe in You
And I am standing on
The promises You’ve made

You promised me and I believe

{Click here for lyrics source}

You can watch the video on YouTube here: Shadowlands by Rebecca St James


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